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Seasonal Math Worksheets Calendar

We’ve put together a Seasonal Math worksheets calendar for you to use within the home or classroom environment. Use the table below to find useful math worksheets around popular events in each and every month. For January why not try one of our Martin Luther King themed math worksheets or our growing collection of Earth Day themed math worksheets in April.

MonthThemeSpecific topic
JanuaryInternational Day of Education
Comparing Decimals
Number Bonds to 50
Surface Area of a Cube
New Year’s Day
Comparing Fractions
Number Bonds (5 to 9)
US Weights and Measures
Perimeter of a Square
Roman Numerals
Family Fit Lifestyle MonthSubtraction of 1-Digit Numbers
Martin Luther King Day
(3rd Monday)
Fahrenheit and Celsius Scales
Ten Frames
Inauguration Day
Vertical Angles
Measuring Power
Benjamin Franklin Day
Nautical Measurement
Measuring Speed
The International System of Units
World Holidays
(all year round)
World time zones
FebruaryValentine’s Day
Addition of Radicals
Converting Units of Time: (days, weeks, months, and years)
Greatest Common Factor
Measures of Temperature
Perimeter of a Pentagon
Multiplication Property
Additive Inverse
Dividing Positive and Negative Fractions
*Chinese New Year
(New moon)
Subtraction of Like Fractions
Multiplication of Numbers Using Number Bonds and Fact Families
Place Value: Ten Thousand and Hundred Thousand
Addition Property
Rio de Janeiro Carnival
(before Lent)
Measures of Capacity
Perimeter of a Hexagon
Whole Numbers
Lateral Area of a Hemisphere
*Lantern Festival
(End of Chinese New Year)
Perimeter of Trapezoid
Complementary Angles
Arithmetic Progression
President’s Day
Surface Area of a Cuboid
Black HistoryGraphing Linear Equations
Graphing Percentage
Graphing Functional Relationships
Graphing Lines in Slope-Intercept Form
Graphing Linear Inequalities
Groundhog Day
Divisibility Rules
Tens Complement
World Cancer Awareness Day
Division Tables
*Spring Festival Golden WeekSample Space
Writing Dates
National Inventor’s Day
Geometric Nets
National Pizza Day
Area of a Sector
Super Bowl
(Second Sunday)
MarchInternational Women’s Day
Addition of Polynomials
Subtraction of Unlike Fractions
Shape Transformation (Basic)
Rounding Whole Numbers (Thousands and Ten Thousands)
Pie Graph
World Engineering Day
National Women’s History MonthFrequency Distribution
Addition of Radical Expressions
Horizontal and Vertical Lines
St. Patrick’s Day
Multiplication Tables
Measurement Estimation
Tape Diagrams
Basic Concepts of Decimals
Lateral Surface Area
Addition of Radical Expressions
International Day of Mathematics
Basic Concepts of Decimals
National Nutrition MonthAddition of Multi-Digit Numbers
*Mardi Gras
(Day before Ash Wednesday)
Adjacent Angles
Estimating and Rounding Time
Earth Hour
Area of a Kite
Elapsed Time
(Feb or March)
March 2023
Ordering Decimals
World Poetry Day
Mathematical Sentences
Spring Equinox
(March in Northern Hemisphere)
Mapping Diagram
Discrete and Continuous Data
Centroid of a Triangle
Dr. Seuss Day
World Meteriological DayReal Numbers
April 2023
Addition of Like Fraction 
Fact Family: Word Problems
Adding Integers Using the Number Line
Earth Day
Addition of Algebraic Expressions
Multiplication of 1-Digit Numbers
LCM: Least Common Multiple
Area of a Parallelogram
Bivariate Data
Factoring Perfect Square Trinomials
Platonic Solids
World Health Day
Division of Multi-digit Numbers
​​Relative Frequency
Adding Positive and Negative Fractions
Arbor Day
(last Friday)
Division of Numbers up to 2-Digits
Area of a Trapezoid
Natural Numbers
Animals’ MonthAddition of 2-Digit Numbers
Math Awareness MonthMultiplication of Integers with Like signs
National Baking Week
(1st Monday)
Imperial System of Measurement
International Children’s Book Day
Counting 2-3 Digit Numbers
Informal Comparative Inference
Songkran FestivalMeasures of Length using Standard Units
Surface Area of a Sphere
Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
April Fool’s Day
Area of a Rhombus
Probability Line
Anzac Day
Interquartile Range
International Design Day (27)Surds
Patriots’ Day
(3rd Monday)
Mean Absolute Deviation
National Financial Literacy MonthCompound Interest
International Dance Day
Subtraction Property
* April in 2024
MayMother’s DayMixed Numbers
Lateral Surface Area of a Cuboid
Adding Billions
World Press Freedom Day (3)Stem and Leaf Plots
Cinco de Mayo
Multiplication Involving Money
Counting Change
Lateral Surface Area of a Prism
National Fitness Day
(1st Saturday)
Conversion of Unlike Units (Measures of Weight)
National Teachers’ Day
Illustrating and Naming Decimals
International Nurses’ Day
Line Graph
Algebraic Symbols
Factoring Simple Polynomials
International Museum Day
Square Numbers
Surface Area of a Prism
National Space Day
(1st Friday)
Lateral Surface Area of a Cylinder
Equivalent Algebraic Expressions
X- and Y-Intercepts
Memorial Day
(last Monday)
Lateral Surface Area of a Cube
Commonwealth Day
(2nd Monday)
Lateral Surface Area of a Sphere
May DayLateral Surface Area of a Pyramid
National Maritime Day
Equation of a Straight Line
National Real Estate DayRevenue
National Beverage DayLinear Equation
Asian Pacific American Heritage MonthCompass
May 2023
JuneInternational Yoga Day
Algebraic Expressions
Festa JuninaDivision of Rational Algebraic Expressions with Same Denominators
Measuring Tools
World Oceans Day
Multiplication of Algebraic Expressions
Multiplication of Multi-Digit Numbers
Perimeter of Multi-sided Polygons
Regular & Irregular Shapes
Addition Tips & Tricks
International Children’s Day
Ordinal Numbers
Number Bonds to 10
Place Value
Father’s Day
(3rd Sunday)
Multiplication of Mixed Numbers
Rounding to the Nearest Integer
Elapsed Time on a Calendar
Estimation of Numbers
World Ethnic Day (19)Concentric Circles
International Seafarer Day (25)3-Figure Bearings
World Environment DayAlgebraic Identities
(June/July) July 2023
Number Line Estimation
Summer Solstice
(20/21 Northern Hemisphere)
Rounding to the Nearest Even and Odd Number
Primary and Secondary Data
Cross Multipication
SummerInverse Proportion
Sports America Kids MonthConditional Probability
Exterior Angle Theorem
National Flag Day (14)Rounding Numbers (Word Problems)
Subtracting Billions
National Donut Day
(1st Friday)
Arcs of a Circle
July4th of JulySubtraction of Algebraic Expressions
Division of Numbers Using Number Bonds and Fact Families
Whole and Parts
Multi-Step Word Problems
World Population Day (11)Powers of 10
International Friendship day (30)Cardinal Numbers
Moon Landing/National Moon Day (20)Counting
Bastille Day (14)Co-Prime Numbers
Amelia Earhart Day (24)Factorization
International Day of Cooperatives
(1st Saturday)
Percent Error
National Moon Day ThemedArc Length
AugustWorld Wide Web Day
Tally Charts
International Youth Day (12)Division of 3-Digit Numbers
Polygonal Numbers
Euclidean Geometry
National Twins Day (1st weekend)Similar Triangles
Independence Day (India) (15)Multiplication of Rational Algebraic Expressions with Different Denominators
National Aviation Day (19)Conversion of Unlike Units Measures of Distance
Converting Units of Time (Hours, Minutes, Seconds)
Inscribed Angles
Absolute and Relative Error
International Dogs Day (26)Composing fractions
La Tomatina (Last Wednesday)Weighted Average
World War II (bombing of Japan 6&9)Data
SeptemberLabor Day (1st Monday)Division of Polynomials
Even and Odd Numbers
Perimeter of Rhombus
Shape Categories
Random Sampling
Direct Proportion
Square Root
Laws of Integral Exponent
30-60-90 Triangles
Sum and Difference of Two Terms
International Literacy Day (8)Shape Transformations
World Tourism Day (27)Congruent Shapes
Ordered Pairs
Citizenship Day (17)Inequality Symbols
Autumnal Equinox
(22/23 Northern hemisphere)
​​Counting Bills
National Hispanic Heritage MonthPictogram
Pythagorean Triples
Constitution Day (17)Cubic Numbers
International Peace Day (21)Pi
Fractional and Negative Exponents
Mayflower Day (16)Directed Numbers
*Rosh Hashanah
(Sept/Oct) Sept 2023
Subtraction Table
Math Games
*Harvest Festivals
(most common starts in Sept.)
Factoring Difference of Two Squares
Grandparents’ Day (1st Sunday)​​Counting Coins
OctoberHalloween (31) Addition of Three-Digit Numbers
Prime and Composite Numbers
Subtraction of 3-Digit Numbers
Right Triangles
 Surface Area of a Hemisphere
Sales Tax
World Teachers’ Day (5)Multiplication of Decimals
X and Y Axis
Harmonic Progression
Magic Day (31)Subtraction of Numbers Using Fact Family & Number Bonds
World Cities Day (31)Corresponding Angles
Farmers’ Day (12)Straight Angles
International Artists’ Day (25)Reflex Angles
National Poetry Day
(1st Thursday)
Counting and Number Problems
World Architecture Day (first Monday)Trigonometric Ratios
Own Business Day
(2nd Tuesday)
Gross Profit
World Mental Health Day (10)Theorems About Circles
World Animal Day (4)Number Bonds: Word Problems
Word Problems Related to Calendar
Decomposing Money
Types of Triangles
Sweetest Day (21)Fibonacci Numbers
National Fair Trade MonthAppreciation and Depreciation
Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day
(3rd Wednesday)
Selling Price
World Habitat Day (2)Proof and Proving
(Sept/Oct) Sept 2023
United Nations Day (24)Currencies of the World
Negative Numbers
Las PosadasAdding Millions
World Farm Animals Day (2)Addition in Columns
Own Business DayGross Profit
NovemberBlack Friday Sale
(Day after Thanksgiving)
Addition of Improper Fractions
Tenths and Hundredths
Probability of Compound Events
Election Day (Tuesday after 1st Monday)Addition of Proper Fractions
Scientific Notations
Conic Sections
Veterans Day (11)Multiplication and Division of Fractions
Multiplication of Proper Fractions
Measure of Distance using Standard Units
Thanksgiving Day (4th Thursday)Percents and Discounts
Comparing Numbers
Multiplication of Unlike Fractions
Perimeter of a Triangle
Factor Pairs
Unit Fractions
National Sandwich Day (3)Properties of Addition
Cyber Monday (Monday after Thanksgiving)Thousandths and ten thousandths
HanukkahBasic Operations of Decimals
Time: AM and PM
Armistice Day (11)Ratio and Proportion
Guy Fawkes Night (5) Addition and Subtraction of Fractions
*Diwali (October/November) 
November 2023
Skip counting
Prime Numbers
Consecutive Numbers
Day of the Dead (1)Integers
Lateral Surface Area of a Cone
All Saints Day (1)Basic Operations of Whole Numbers
World Kindness Week (2nd week)Halves and Quarters
International Accounting Day (10)Profit and Loss
National Entreprenuer Day (3rd Tuesday)Percentage Change
DecemberChristmas Day (25)Addition of Integers with Like Signs
Composite Numbers
Kinds of Shapes
Composite Numbers
Probability Models
Solid Shapes
Word Problems Involving Measurements
Fact Families for Addition and Subtraction
Surface Area of a Cylinder
Surface Area of a Cone
Winter Season/Solstice
(Dec 21/22 Northern hemisphere)
Obtuse Angles
 Measures of Weight
 Number Bonds to 100
 Proper and Improper Fractions
Triangles and Quadrilaterals
Nominal and Ordinal Data
Surface Area of a Pyramid
Boxing Day (26)  Volume of Solid Figures
Kwanzaa (26) Surface Area
 Lines, Segments, and Rays
International Day of PWDs (3) Basic Shapes
Light Up a Life (5)Rate of Change Formula
Las Posadas (16) Time Phrases
*HanukkahBasic Operations of Decimals
Time: AM and PM
Pearl Harbour Remembrance Day (7)Semicircle
New Year’s Eve (31) Circles
Draw the Clock
Human Rights Day (10)Angles
Cube Root
World HolidaysCalendar
International Day of Banks (4)Simple Interest
Interest Rate
Terminating Decimals
National Salesperson Day (10)Commission
Net Income
Bodhi Day (8) Symmetrical Shapes
KwanzaaSubtracting Millions

Last Updated: January 2024

*date may vary