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Measurement Math Worksheets

In this section, you can view and download all of our measurement worksheets. These include common-core aligned, themed and age-specific worksheets. Perfect to use in the classroom or homeschooling environment.

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Measurement Worksheets & Study Resources:

Brief definition
Measurement is a process or method of measuring weight, height, length, temperature, time, speed, area, volume, and more which can be represented by a number to express the size or amount of something. The number is based on standard measurements such as the English system and metric system. The accuracy, stability and precision of a measurement system are quantified.

Importance of the Topic
Learning to measure is a fundamental life skill. Measurement makes our daily lives easy and gives accurate data. Measurements are used in many topics in Mathematics, such as getting the area, perimeter, volume, temperature, and many more. Knowing the differences of a metric system from an English system, how big is millimeter from centimeter and other units of measurements. Without knowing and understanding how to measure, you cannot do the process of comparing one quantity to the other.

Application of the Learned Topic in Life
There are many applications of measurements in real life that is why it plays a substantial important role. For instance, measurements in cooking require proper attention; an excess or shortage in ingredients might affect the taste of the food. It is imperative to know your exact size in buying apparel and shoes, especially when purchasing online. Measurements are also important for engineers and architects in building structures. The ability to tell time accurately is essential to create synchronization, among others.