Addition of Multi-Digit Numbers (National Nutrition Month Themed) Math Worksheets

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In adding multi-digit numbers:

place the larger addends above the other and write the smaller addends below.
Match up their place value to get the right sum.
If the sum is larger than 9, carry the number out to the next place value.

Adding multi-digit numbers without regrouping…

  • Start adding from the ones, tens, hundreds, to thousands column.
  • After getting the sum, place comma (,)  in the third number to the left if the sum is larger than 3 digits.

Adding multi-digit numbers with regrouping…

  • As you can see, 7 added to 8 is 15. We have to carry the 1 to the tens place and put the 5 to the ones column of the sum. Then, continue adding and applying it.

Addition of Multi-Digit Numbers (National Nutrition Month Themed) Worksheets

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Worksheets Activities Included

Ages 8-9 (Basic)

  • Let’s stay hydrated!
  • Fruity Salad
  • Flavorful Juice
  • Nutritious Codes
  • The more the seeds, the merrier!

Ages 9-11 (Advanced)

  • Pick Healthier
  • Food Donation Campaign
  • What’s on your plate?
  • Free Food Coupons
  • Nutrition Facts