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Frequency Distribution (Women’s History Month Themed) Math Worksheets

Download Frequency Distribution (National Women’s History Month Themed) Math Worksheets

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Frequency Distribution (National Women’s History Month Themed) Worksheets

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Who are these worksheets for?

This pack is suitable for learners aged 10-12 years old or 6th to 7th grades (USA). The content covers fact files and relevant basic and advanced activities of frequency distribution topics that aim to develop and strengthen the learners’ data collection and representation skills.

Happy National Women’s History Month!

  • March of every year since 1987 is dedicated to celebrating the significant contributions of women in the history of the United States. 
  • Women’s influence in history, politics, culture, literature, entertainment, and sports, to name a few, are celebrated by reading books about renowned women, listening to podcasts, watching movies depicting women empowerment, and even attending TED talks led by women.

What is Frequency Distribution?

  • A graph or data set in tabular form that shows the frequency of occurrence of each possible outcome of a repetitive experiment or event. 
  • It can also be from a group of people’s data within a given interval. 

Download Frequency Distribution (National Women’s History Month Themed) Math Worksheets

This is a fantastic bundle that includes everything you need to know about frequency distribution skills across 22 in-depth pages. These are ready-to-use worksheets suitable for students aged 10-12 years old.

Each ready to use worksheet collection includes 10 activities and an answer guide. Not teaching common core standards? Don’t worry! All our worksheets are completely editable so can be tailored for your curriculum and target audience.

Resource Examples

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Resources & Worksheets Included

Age 10-11 (Basic) 6th Grade

  • Ain’t I a Woman?
  • The Suffrage Movement
  • Rosa Parks’ Civil Rights Movement
  • National Organization for Women (NOW)
  • The Most Historic Woman of All Time

Age 11-12 (Advanced) 7th Grade

  • Battle of the Sexes
  • Women’s History Month Items
  • Space Ride with Sally Ride
  • VAW Monthly Report
  • Women Then and Now