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Age 4-6 Math Worksheets

In this section, you can view all of our math worksheets and resources that are suitable for 4 to 6-year-olds.

We add dozens of new worksheets and materials for math teachers and homeschool parents every month. Below are the latest age 4-6 worksheets added to the site.

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4-6 Years Of Age Math Learning Objectives & Standards:

  • This is the entry stage where learners start to grasp basic fundamental concepts of number sense: number recognition, naming, and counting. 
  • In this stage, numbers within 10 are the focal points for addition and subtraction of whole numbers. Visual representations and models such as ten frames, base ten blocks, definite sets of objects, rectangular arrays, skip counting, number bonds, and fact families are used to explain the concepts behind putting number/objects together or whenever some number/objects are being taken away. 
  • Another strategy that learners can apply to learn addition and subtraction is by illustrating to them concepts of number properties such as identity property, commutative property, and associative property. 
  • Learners will make use of their understanding of number recognition for their initial knowledge of cardinal and ordinal numbers. Here, they should be able to distinguish, compare, and predict orders of objects. 
  • They are also introduced to the concepts of fractions by distinguishing and illustrating halves and quarters. Aside from these, learners make meaning of their math lessons by applying them in measuring length and distance using non-standard units (their own handspan, foot, ruler, number of clips, erasers, etc)
  • For them to have a starting foundation in Geometry, they are to explore basic shapes and solid shapes using their defining and non-defining attributes.