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Rhombus (Memorial Day Themed) Math Worksheets

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Rhombus (Memorial Day Themed) Math Worksheets

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Who are these worksheets for?

This pack is suitable for learners aged 5 to 9 years old or 1st and 3rd to 4th graders (USA). The content covers fact files and relevant basic and advanced activities involving rhombus.

Did you know?

Memorial Day is a federal holiday celebrated in the United States every last Monday of May. It is formerly known as Decoration Day because people decorate veterans’ tombs. It is observed to honor the soldiers who died serving the U.S. Military.  

What is Rhombus?

A rhombus is a two-dimensional shape. It is also known as equilateral quadrilateral and tilted square because the lengths of the sides are equal. Rhombus is also considered a special parallelogram. 


  • All four sides are congruent or equal in length.
  • Opposites sides are parallel.
  • Opposites angles are equal.
  • The two diagonals bisect each other at 90 degrees (°).
  • Adjacent angles are supplementary or add up to 180 degrees (°).

Download Rhombus (Memorial Day Themed) Math Worksheets

This is a fantastic bundle which includes everything you need to know about Rhombus across 18 in-depth pages. These are ready-to-use Common core aligned Grade 1st, 3rd and Grade 4th Math worksheets.

Each ready to use worksheet collection includes 10 activities and an answer guide. Not teaching common core standards? Don’t worry! All our worksheets are completely editable so can be tailored for your curriculum and target audience.

Resource Examples

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Resources & Worksheets Included

Ages 5-6 (Basic) 1st Grade

  • Practicing Patterns
  • The Truth About Rhombus
  • Decorate the Tombstones
  • Which Are Rhombus-Shaped?
  • A Red Poppy for You!

Age 7-9 (Advanced) 3rd to 4th Grade

  • Rhombus-Shaped Cookies
  • Memorial Crown
  • On the Way to Summer
  • Birthplace of Memorial Day
  • Party Over Problem