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Addition of Two-digit Numbers (Animals Month Themed) Worksheets

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Every two-digit number has two places. If we have 15, the place of the digit in the right, which is “5,” is called ones place. On the other side, the digit on the left is called tens place where you can find “1.”


RECALL: Addition is the process of finding the total sum of two or more numbers or things.

  • In adding 2-digit numbers, arrange the numbers vertically. If we have 25 and 14, it will be:
  • Place the ones and tens of the two addends aligned with each other.
  • Start solving from the ones column to the tens column.
  • Since 6 plus 7 is 13. Looking at it, 1 is in the tens place and 3 is in the ones place. So, we have to carry the one above the tens column then put the 3 below the ones column.
  • Now, add all the numbers in tens column. Then, we get 43.

We use addition of 2-digit numbers everywhere. When we want to know the total number of toys that we have, we add them. If we ride a bus, we add the money in our pocket before paying for bus fare! When we take a walk and see different animals, we sum them up to know their total count!

Addition of Two-digit Numbers (Animals Month Themed) Worksheets

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