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Comparing Fractions (New Year’s Day Themed) Worksheets

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  • Fractions represent equal parts of a whole or a collection of it. 
  • Like fractions are fractions whose denominators are the same.
  • Unlike fractions are fractions whose denominators are alike. 
  • Two fractions are equivalent fractions when they represent the same part of a whole.



When comparing parts of whole, numerators (or both numerators and denominators) are considered. In either comparing or ordering fractions, the processes are much easier to be done with like/similar fractions than with the unlike/dissimilar ones.

  • In similar fractions, since the denominators are the same, you just have to look into the numerators.
  • The bigger the numerator equates to bigger fractions, only if they have equivalent denominators.
  • Ordering fractions of equal denominators only require arranging the numerators, imagining that they are whole numbers.


Meanwhile, in unlike/dissimilar fractions, there are still two cases: the one with similar numerator and the one with dissimilar numerators. Dissimilar fractions with similar numerators are easier to compare and order than the other kind.

  • If two dissimilar fractions have the same numerator, it can easily be said that the one containing the larger value of denominator is smaller, because containing higher value of denominator means that an object is cut into smaller parts.

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