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Age 5-7 Math Worksheets

In this section, you can view all of our math worksheets and resources that are suitable for 5 to 7-year-olds.

We add dozens of new worksheets and materials for math teachers and homeschool parents every month. Below are the latest age 5-7 worksheets added to the site.

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5-7 Years Of Age Math Learning Objectives & Standards:

  • Learners ages 5 to 7 broaden their knowledge of the concepts of whole numbers by extending it to 20. Unlike the previous age bracket, learners in this stage deal with addition and subtraction of 2-digit numbers. Even though visual representations and models are still helpful to create understanding, the concepts of place value — tens and ones are now being given focus. They compose and decompose whole numbers by tens and by ones. For example, learners must visualise that 25 is composed of 2 tens and 5 ones. 
  • Also, they make use of Hundred Charts that are intended to provide a framework for young learners to imagine the base ten number system and to allow students to build a mental model of the mathematical structure of the number system. Hundreds charts allow children to explore concepts from counting to adding two-digit numbers.
  • At this age bracket, learners deepen their understanding of measurement by using non-standard and standard units. In addition to their learning of measures of length and distance, measures of capacity, weight, time, and temperature are already being introduced and reinforced. 
  • Learners are expected to show a concrete mastery of comparing numbers (which one is greater, lesser, or the same) and weighing up objects using their sizes (small, medium, large, shorter, longer, etc).