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Probability Models (Christmas Day Themed) Math Worksheets

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Probability refers with the likelihood of an event to occur. The probability of an event is measured by the ratio of favorable outcomes to all possible outcomes.


Probability Model

  • This is a mathematical representation of different events.
  • This also shows all possible outcomes of an event and the probability of each outcome.

What is a probability model?

A model that is made up of a sample space, which is the set of all possible experiment results, and a set of probabilities for each part of the sample space.


Sample space is the set of all possible outcomes in an experiment.

Probability Models (Christmas Day Themed) Worksheets

This is a fantastic bundle that includes everything you need to know about Probability Models across 21 in-depth pages. These are ready-to-use Common core aligned 7th and 8th Grade Math worksheets.

Each ready to use worksheet collection includes 10 activities and an answer guide. Not teaching common core standards? Don’t worry! All our worksheets are completely editable so can be tailored for your curriculum and target audience.

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Worksheets Activities Included

Ages 11-12 (Basic)

  • Christmas Party
  • Gift Giving
  • Party Points
  • The Color Wheel
  • A Pair of Dice

Ages 12-13 (Advanced)

  • Santa Hat
  • Dinner’s Dessert
  • Christmas Decorations
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors
  • Christmas Wish