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Radicals Math Worksheets

In this section, you can view and download all of our radicals worksheets. These include common-core aligned, themed and age-specific worksheets. Perfect to use in the classroom or homeschooling environment.

Radicals Worksheets & Study Resources:

Brief definition
Radicals are expressions that contain a square root, cube root, or nth root. This complex topic is one of the foundations of learning about algebra. Radicals usually have an entry-level at 8th grade. As complex as it is, this topic requires more mature learners to comprehend. Aside from determining what a radical is, 8th to 9th graders need to add, subtract, multiply, divide, and simplify radical expressions. Radicals are also helpful to understand some geometric and trigonometric lessons.

Importance of the Topic
Radicals are considered one of the most challenging math lessons to teach and to learn because this is almost an abstract concept. Learners tend not to appreciate the importance of understanding this lesson because they feel like it has no meaning or application in their lives. Nevertheless, radicals serve as a springboard to understand some math lessons such as Pythagorean Theorem, Quadratic Equations, Exponential Functions, Conic Sections, and some trigonometric lessons

Application of the Learned Topic in Life
Radical expressions are applied in some fields or careers, just like in financial industries, to determine the depreciation and appreciation of the real-estate property, home inflation and interest. Electrical engineers, architects, and carpenters, also use radical expressions for measurements and calculations. As far as the Pythagorean Theorem is concerned, navigators can also use radicals to compute for the shortest distance that they need to travel.