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Rounding Math Worksheets

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Rounding Worksheets & Study Resources:

Brief Description:

Rounding means expressing numbers into their shorter or simpler form without changing much of their value and accuracy. We apply the concepts of rounding numbers in dealing with whole numbers, decimals, and integers. In learning about rounding numbers, students must develop rounding off, rounding up, and rounding down different types of numbers. We can also use the concepts of rounding in teaching lessons about time and measurement.

Importance of the topic:

It is important for the learners to develop the skill of rounding numbers because it would be easier for them to describe and use small and large quantities. At some point, rounding is also the act of estimating quantities for better understanding and easier use. In fact, rounding numbers allow us to make faster calculations in other circumstances rather than determining the accurate answer or value.

Application of the Learned Topic in Life

Rounding numbers have many applications in real-life. For example, when paying a bill amounting to $14.893, you know that the bill is somehow $15. If you only have $20 as your budget for fruits and you know that a pack of mixed fruits costs $3.58, that means that you can only buy at most 5 packs of it. It’s all because you estimate that a pack costs around $4. Aside from these specific events, rounding numbers is also useful in estimating the number of people attending a concert, in predicting the population of a certain town, and more.