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5th Grade Math Worksheets Mapping Table

Use our tables below to map our worksheets to deliverable skills from the 5th Grade Common Core framework. Click the links in the ‘worksheets’ section to navigate to applicable worksheets for each of the core competencies.

Deliverable Skills:

  • Write and interpret numerical expressions. 
  • Analyze patterns and relationships. 
  • Understand the place value system.
  • Perform operations with multi-digit whole numbers and with decimals to hundredths.
  • Use equivalent fractions as a strategy to add and subtract fractions.
  • Apply and extend previous understandings of multiplication and division to multiply and divide fractions.
  • Convert like measurement units within a given measurement system.
  • Represent and interpret data.
  • Geometric measurement: understand concepts of volume and relate volume to multiplication and to addition.
  • Graph points on the coordinate plane to solve real-world and mathematical problems.
  • Classify two-dimensional figures into categories based on their properties.
Common Core codesGeneral topicsWorksheets
Operations and Algebraic Thinking
5OA1,2Order of Operations and Grouping Symbols
Order of Operations (PEMDAS)
GCF: Greatest Common Factor
LCM: Least Common Multiple
Multi-Step Word Problems
Numbers and Operations in Base 10
5NBT1,2Multiplying and Dividing Multi-Digit Whole Numbers
Multiplying and Dividing Numbers by Power of 10
Multiplying by 2 and 4
Multiplying By 5 & 25
Multiplying By 11
Estimating Product
5NBT3,4Thousands and ten thousandths
5NBT3,4Comparing decimals
Comparing Decimals up to Thousandths
Tenths and Hundredths
Understanding Place value up to Thousandths
Place Value: Ten Thousand and Hundred Thousand
5NBT4Rounding off decimals up to thousandths
Rounding to the Nearest Integer
5NBT3Adding whole numbers and decimals
Addition of Decimals
5NBT7Subtracting whole numbers and decimals (tenths to thousandths)
5NBT5,7Multiplication of Decimals
Multiplying Whole Numbers and Decimals
Powers of 10
Whole Numbers
Rounding Whole Numbers (Thousands and Ten Thousands)
Commercial Math
Net Income
Gross Profit
5NBT6,7Dividing whole numbers and decimals
Dividing By 2 and 4
Dividing By 5 and 25
Ordering Decimals
Word Problems involving Decimals
Rounding to the Nearest Even and Odd Number
Rounding Numbers (Word Problems)
Number and Operations/Fractions
Whole and Parts
Proper and Improper Fractions
Unlike Fractions
Subtraction of Proper Fractions
Addition of Unlike Fractions
Adding and Subtracting Unlike Fractions
Number Line Estimation
5NF1,2Subtraction of Mixed numbers
Addition & Subtraction of Fractions
5NF4,6Multiplication of Proper Fractions
Multiplication of Unlike Fractions
Multiplication of Improper Fractions
5NF4,6Multiplying whole numbers and fractions
Multiplying Mixed Numbers by Fractions
5NF4,6Multiplication of Mixed Numbers
5NF3,7Interpreting Fractions as Division
Dividing Mixed Numbers by Fraction
Dividing Whole Number by Fraction
5MD3,7Division of Proper Fractions
5MD3,7Division of mixed numbers
Division of Unlike Fractions
Division of Improper Fractions
Conversion of Unlike Units (Measures of capacity)
Measurement and Data
Math in Daily Life
US Weights and Measures
The International System of Units
Imperial System of Measurement
Converting Like Measurement Units
Conversion of Like Units (Measures of Capacity)
Conversion of Like Units (Measures of Distance)
Conversion of Unlike Units (Measures of Distance)
Conversion of Like Units (Measures of Length)
Conversion of Unlike Units (Measures of Length)
Conversion of Like Units (Measures of Weight)
Conversion of Unlike Units (Measures of Weight)
Word problems involving Measurements
Fahrenheit and Celsius Scales
Measuring Power
Nautical Measurement
5MD2Dot Plots/Line plots with Fractional Units
Line Plots
Line graph
Creating Line Plots with Fractions
5MD3,4,5Solving volume of solid figures
5G1Pie Chart
Euclidean Geometry 
Symmetrical Shapes
Polygonal Numbers
Cartesian Coordinate Plane
X and Y Axis
5G1,2Graphing of points on the coordinate plane
Ordered Pairs
Solving Word Problems Involving Coordinate plane
5G3,4Areas of Other Quadrilaterals
Area of Irregular Shapes
Triangles and Quadrilaterals
Platonic Solids
Area of Triangles
Area of Squares and Rectangles
Area of a Parallelogram
Area of a Kite
Area of a Rhombus
Area of a Trapezoid
Points and Lines
Compass Points
Angle Measurements
Understanding Properties and Hierarchy of Shapes
Lines, Segments, and Rays
Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
Word Problems Involving Perimeter and Area of Polygons
Perimeter of Polygons
Perimeter of a Triangle
Statistics and Probability
Probability of Random Events

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