Addition of Three-Digit Numbers (Halloween themed) Worksheets

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Looking for the best way to teach students about addition of three-digit numbers?

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In addition of 3 digits, place the first addends above the second addends so that the ones, tens, and hundreds line up. Add the numbers in ones place, then add the tens place, and lastly add the numbers in the hundreds place. If the sum is over 9, you carry over the 1 to the next place 

We use addition of 3-digit numbers in our daily life. When we go to the grocery store, some of the additions done are by 3-digit numbers. When we want to know how many people are in a large area, we also use addition of 3-digit numbers. When we want to know these numbers, we simply add them!

  • The first thing we do is to put the addends together.
  • Next is we add the numbers in the ones column, 8+1 is 9. Then we add those in the tens column, 4+9 is 13. But we can’t put 13, so we only write the 3 and carry over the 1.
  • Lastly, we add the hundreds 2+1, and our carried over 1, giving us 4. The final answer is 439!

Addition of Three-Digit Numbers Worksheets

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