Dot Plots/Line Plots with Fractional Units (Snacks and Beverages Themed) Math Worksheets

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  • A Line plot is a graphical display of data along a number line with dots or X’s recorded above the responses to indicate the number of occurrences a response appears in the data set.
  • The dots or X’s represents the frequency.
  • An outlier is a data value that is much greater or much less than the other data values. Outlier can affect the mean of a group of data and how you interpret your data.
  • It is important for a line to have a title and a label of the x-axis to provide the reader an overview of what is being displayed.



STEP 1: Draw a horizontal line and label the axis.
STEP 2: Create a number line that includes all the values in the data set.
STEP 3: Place an X or dot above each data value on the number line depending on how many times the data value occurs.

Dot Plots/Line Plots with Fractional Units (Snacks and Beverages Themed) Worksheet

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