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Probability of Random Events (Carnival Themed) Worksheets

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  • Probability refers to how likely an event will occur. It means the chance of something to happen. 
  • Random event pertains to something that is unpredictable. 
  • Since a random event is unpredictable, you cannot give an exact calculation for something to occur.
  • The result of a random experiment is called an outcome.
  • The set of all the possible outcomes of a random experiment is called Sample Space, and it is denoted by  ‘S’.
  • A subset of the sample space is called an Event.


Based on a survey result, 56% of the carnival goers tend to buy at least 2 cups of ice cream whenever they visit a Carnival park. What is the probability that all of the five random visitors in the carnival bought 2 cups of ice cream?


Change 56% to decimal. Then multiply the value five times.

P(E) = (0.56)(0.56)(0.56)(0.56)(0.56)        

P(E) = 0.550 or 5.50%

Therefore, the probability that all five Carnival visitors will buy 2 cups of ice cream is 0.550 or 5.50%

Probability of Random Events (Carnival Themed) Worksheets

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