Conversion of Like Units (Measures of Capacity) (Coffee Shop Themed) Worksheets

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  • To convert larger units to smaller one, multiply the appropriate unit
  • To convert smaller units to larger one, multiply its reciprocal unit



  • The standard metric unit of capacity is liters
  • From the liter, the rest of the units can be solved using the standard metric prefixes
literL1 L = 1,000 mL
millilitermL1 mL = 0.001 L


The US standard units of capacity are fluid ounces, cup, pint, quart, and gallon

fluid ouncefl oz1 oz = 0.125 c, 0.0625 pt, 0.03125 qt, or, 0.0078125 gal
cupc1 c = 8 fl oz, 0.5 pt, 0.25 qt, or 0.0625 gal
pintpt1 pt = 16 fl oz, 2 c, 0.5 qt, or 0.125 gal 
quartqt1 qt = 32 fl oz, 4 c, ,2 pt, or 0.25 gal
gallongal1 gal = 128 fl oz, 16 c, 8 pt, or 4 qt

Conversion of Like Units (Measures of Capacity) (Coffee Shop Themed) Worksheets

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