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Line Plots (Logistics Themed) Worksheets

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A line plot can be defined as a graph that displays data as points or check marks above a number line, showing how many times each value occurred. 


  • Line plots are used to project data in a more comprehensive manner. It is a visual representation of the data being discussed. 
  • It is usually composed of horizontal number line and marks or dots to represent the frequency of each value or data.

To create a line plot, 

  • Make sure to gather your data.
  • Organize your data in increasing order.
  • Create a horizontal number line.
  • Mark an “X” above the horizontal line every time the data occurs.
  • Interpret the data.

Line Plots (Logistics Themed) Worksheets

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Worksheets Activities Included

Ages 8-9 (Basic)

  • Logistics Task
  • Parcel Inventory
  • Quantity Checking
  • Complete Me
  • Half and Half

Ages 9-10 (Advanced)

  • Quarter Task
  • Logistics Employees
  • Youngest to Eldest
  • Cargo Weight
  • Logistics Say