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Area of Irregular Shapes (Skills Themed) Math Worksheets

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  • Irregular shape is a shape that has angles of different sizes and sides of different lengths.
  • Compared to regular shapes, irregular shapes are often much harder to name because don’t look like the more conventional regular shapes.


  • In finding the area of  irregular shapes, you need to divide the irregular shape into regular shapes that you know such as rectangle, triangle, square, circle and etc.
  • Now, we can find the total area of the irregular shape by adding the areas of the regular shapes which we obtained from dividing the irregular shape.


Formula: A = l x w
l = length
w = width

Formula: A = x2
x = side length of the square

Formula: A = ½ (b x h)
b = base
h = height

Formula: A = πr2
r = radius

Area of Irregular Shapes (Skills Themed) Worksheets

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