Geometric shapes: 2-dimensional

The shapes shown below may be useful reminders to you as you help with your children's geometry homework. Each geometry shape includes a brief description and an illustrated example.

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Basic Shapes Worksheets

List of shapes

Shape Description
Polygon A closed figure made of line segments each of
which intersects with exactly two other
line segments.
Quadrilateral 4-sided polygon
Square A quadrilateral having all sides equal in length and forming right angles.
Triangle A 3-sided polygon (sum of internal angles = 180°)
Rectangle A 4-sided polygon with all right angles.
Parallelogram 4-sided polygon with two pairs of parallel sides.
Pentagon 5-sided polygon (the graphic shows a regular
hexagon with "regular" meaning each of the
sides are equal in length)
Hexagon 6-sided polygon
Heptagon 7-sided polygon
Octagon 8-sided polygon

Note: Use this printable graph paper generator to create grids that can help when drawing shapes.