Circumference of a Circle (Summer Party Themed) Worksheets

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Circumference of a circle is considered as the perimeter of a circle. It is a distance around a circle or what we call the arc length.


   Formula:  C = 2πr

Where r is the radius of the circle

Imagine a straight line bended to connect its two ends. The length of this line is the circumference of the circle formed as shown below

Circumference of a Circle (Summer Party Themed) Worksheets

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Ages 10-11 (Basic)

  • Summer Blues
  • Melon Ice Cream
  • Summer Dance Party
  • Tropical Round Balls
  • On A Summer Day

Ages 11-12 (Advanced)

  • Hooray for Delicious Fruits
  • Summer Party Invitation
  • The Best Summer Party
  • Dance the Summer Night Away
  • Summer Party: One of the Books