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Decimals – Thousandths

1 whole unit can be split into 1,000 equal parts.
Each part is one thousandth.

Looking to write a certain number of thousandths in decimal form? Try the Converter at the foot of this page.

Or we can show the same thing this way:

One (1) whole unit
Split into ten equal parts (tenths)
Each tenth split into ten equal parts (hundredths)
Each hundredth split into ten equal parts
Each part is one thousandth

Numbers with place value

When we write numbers with thousandths using decimals we use a decimal point and places to the right of this decimal point. The thousandth place is three places to the right of the decimal point.

389/1000 = .389 . 3 8 9
We read this number as three hundred eighty-nine thousandths

Examples of numbers with thousandths

Blocks Fraction Decimal Notes
1/1000 .001one thousandth
2/1000 .002two thousandths
  37/1000 .037thirty-seven thousandths Note:
three hundredths =
thirty thousandths
( .03 = .030 )
104/1000 .104one hundred four thousandths Note:
one tenth =
one hundred thousandths
( .1 = .100)
545/1000 .545five hundred
forty-five thousandths
1 1/1000 1.001one and one thousandth
1 263/1000 1.263
one and two hundred
sixty-three thousandths

Thousandths to Decimals: Converter

The worksheets below will help practice working with decimals and place values to the right of the decimal point.