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Fractions on a number line

Another way to think about fractions, in addition to the common “slice of pizza” or area models, is to consider them as numbers on a number line.

This way of understanding fractions is part of the new Common Core For Mathematics standards and it is an understanding that is important for students to grasp as it will help greatly in later mathematics.

The example below shows fractions marked on number lines that span from 0 to 1.

number lines from 0 to 1 showing halves, thirds, fourths, sixths, and eighths

Fraction on number line resources

This fraction bar/ chart is useful when tutoring your children and exploring fractions on number lines. The number lines below are formatted for easy printing and will provide more tutoring help.

Equivalent Fractions on a number line

Equivalency in fractions can be shown on a number line just as they can be shown on a area model as shown here with an examples showing three-fourths and six-eighths as being equivalent.

The first number line example below shows this same equivalency on a number line.

three-fourths and twelve-sixteenths on a number line

The second number line example shows another fraction that is equivalent to three-fourths, namely twelve-sixteenths.

three-fourths and six-eighths on a number line