Decimals in a Number Line (Birthday Themed) Worksheets

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A number line is a line that represents numbers that are arranged in ascending order, meaning, least to greatest. This line also extends from the middle, going to the left and to the right. 



Decimal is one way of writing numbers that have whole and fractional part. It contains a decimal point which separates the whole and fractional number.

How to create number lines with decimals?

  • In creating number lines with tenths, first we divide the line into 10 equally spaced segments just like the figure below. 
  • Start with the least number on the left. The decimal numbers increase to the right until the next whole number.

What happens when we reach the whole number? Then, the next number in the line would be the whole number plus each additional tenth as shown below.

The same pattern applies when creating a number line involving hundredths and thousandths. 

Decimals in a Number Line (Birthday Themed) Worksheets

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