Help with multiplying fractions

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Illustrating Equivalent Fractions Using Fraction Models

Multiplying fractions is relatively straightforward. These are the steps:

  • multiply the numerators
  • multiply the denominators
  • reduce the fraction to its simplest form

These three steps are illustrated below:

Have a look at the fraction worksheet generator. It provides limitless multiplying fraction questions including with whole numbers and with mixed numbers.

Multiplying Fractions Visually

The three examples below illustrate the multiplication of fractions.

7/9 and 5/6 shown as shaded portions of squares with their resultant product shown as the shading overlap

Common error when multiplying fractions by a whole number

The example below shows an error that is made by students when the multiplication involves a whole number.

common error example with fraction multiplied incorrectly by a whole number

Multiplying the numerator and denominator by the same number is the same as multiplying the fraction by 1.

Other Worksheets

Use the worksheets above to practice multiplying with fractions.