Free Elementary Algebra worksheets and activities

This section on elementary algebra will be expanded over time. There are lessons and worksheets that will help you when you are tutoring your children and helping them to develop their algebraic thinking and reasoning skills.

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Practice algebra with printable worksheets.

Identify and extend number patterns including using function tables.

Generate number patterns and identify and record relationships.

Use powers, bases, and exponents to show repeated multiplication.

Use 4 rules to perform operations on exponents.

Calculate squares and square roots of numbers.

Read an introduction to what equations are.

Solve equations using addition and subtraction.

Solve equations using multiplication and division.

Take two or more steps to solve equations.

Write very large (and small) numbers using powers of 10.

Plot ordered number pairs on an XY coordinate grid.

Algebra Worksheets

You'll find over 25 related worksheets here that will help with both practicing solving simple equations and with identifying and evaluating powers using bases and exponents.