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Solving Simple Equations (2 of 3)

Equations With Multiplication and Division

We can use the same “do the same thing to both sides” idea that we use to solve equations with addition and subtraction to solve equations that involve multiplication and division.

Multiplication and Division Recap

We use these operations and the fact that they are opposite operations to help us solve equations.

Dividing Both Sides By The Same Number

We can solve the equations below by “getting rid of” or “cancelling out” the multiplication by dividing (doing the opposite operation.)

Note: There is a short way to write multiplication.
Instead of 3 x n
we can write just 3n (we can leave out the x sign)

Here is a similar equation.

Multiplying Both Sides By The Same Number

We can solve the equations below by “getting rid of” or “cancelling out” the division by multiplying (doing the opposite operation.)

The same idea is used to solve the equation below:

You can “get rid of” or “cancel” multiplication by dividing and you can “get rid of” or “cancel” division by multiplying.

More Examples of Solving Equations

Problem Solution
3n = 18  
Divide both sides by 3 3n ÷ 3 = 18 ÷ 3
1n = 6
n = 6
Problem Solution
n/6= 2  
Multiply both sides by 6 (n/6)x 6 = 2 x 6
n/1= 12
n = 6
Problem Solution
9n = 72  
Divide both sides by 9 9n ÷ 9 = 72 ÷ 9
n = 8
Problem Solution
a/7= 11  
Multiply both sides by 7 (n/7)x 7 = 11 x 7
n = 77

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The two worksheets below combine the use of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to solve equations.

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