Decimals – Tenths

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Multiplying Whole Numbers and Decimals (Tenths to Thousandths) Worksheets
1 whole unit can be split into 10 equal parts. Each part is one tenth

Want to write a certain number of tenths in decimal form? Try the Converter at the foot of this page.

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Or we can show the same thing this way:

One (1) whole unit Split into ten equal parts (tenths) Each part is one tenth

Numbers with place value

When we write numbers with tenths using decimals we use a decimal point and the tenths place to the right of this decimal point. The tenth place is immediately right of the decimal point.

9/10 = .9 . 9 We read this number as nine tenths

Examples of numbers with tenths

Blocks Fraction Decimal Notes
1/10 .1one tenth
2/10 .2two tenths
3/10 .3three tenths
4/10 .4four tenths
5/10 .5five tenths
6/10 .6six tenths
7/10 .7seven tenths
8/10 .8eight tenths
9/10 .9nine tenths
10/10 1one Note: ten tenths = one
1 1/10 1.1one and one tenth
1 2/10 1.2one and two tenths

Tenths to Decimals: Converter

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