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Subtraction of 2-Digit Numbers (Hospital Themed) Worksheets

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We do subtraction of 2-digit numbers in our daily lives. Like when taking medicine, we use it to know how much more medicine we need to take. Nurses also use it, as they need to know the remaining amount in medicine capsules. Lastly, when having a fever, we use it to know how much lower we need our body temperature to be.


  1. In subtraction of 2-digit numbers, we first place the subtrahend and the minuend in place. 
  2. The subtrahend is usually the larger number and is always placed in the upper part, while the minuend is usually the smaller number and is placed in the lower part. 
  3. After that, we subtract the ones digit, then the tens digit. 
  4. If the number in the ones digit of the subtrahend is smaller than the minuend, we borrow a 1 from the tens digit of the subtrahend! 
  5. If the subtrahend is alone then we drop it down.

Hello Doctor! We have 56 patients today and we’ll treat 25 of them. How many more patients do we need to treat?

What we did here was we lett 56 as the subtrahend because it was the general population and 25 as the minuend because it was the number reduced from the total population. Then, we subtracted the ones to ones and tens to tens to get the answer. 

Subtraction of 2-Digit Numbers (Hospital Themed) Worksheets

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  • Quickly Doctor!
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  • Vaccine
  • Pills, Pills, Pills
  • Will it be enough?

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  • Wear Your Masks
  • The Patients
  • Helping Nurse Kath and Danny
  • At The End of the Shift
  • The Hospital