Ordering Fractions (Birthday Themed) Worksheets

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Fractions show equal parts of a whole. Fractions can be ordered from descending to ascending and vice versa


Fractions have two parts: numerator and the denominator.

When arranging the orders of the fractions, it is important that the fractions have the same denominator. If the fractions have different denominators, you have to find the LCD of all the denominators.


When ordering like fractions or fractions with the same denominator, you only need to look at the numerator of each fractions.


When ordering unlike fractions or fractions with a different denominator, you need to find the LCD of each denominators.


Convert your mixed numbers into improper fractions. If the fractions are unlike fractions, find the LCD of the denominators to make them like fractions.

Ordering Fractions (Birthday Themed) Worksheets

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Ages 7-8 (Basic)

  • Color the Shape
  • The Magic Show
  • Winner of the Game
  • Arrange Yourselves
  • Party Games

Ages 8-9 (Advanced)

  • Choose a Balloon
  • Rewrite and Sing
  • Follow the Arrows
  • Memories of the Day
  • How Well Do You Understand?