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  • In algebra, an equation can be defined as a mathematical sentence composed of an equal symbol between two algebraic expressions that have the same value.
  • One-variable equation is a mathematical statement that is consist of a variable and whose left-hand side is exactly the same as what’s on the right-hand side. 


It is made up of two expressions connected by an equal sign. Equation represents balance.
With equal sign
3x = 2x + x
It is made up of two expressions connected by an equal sign. Equation represents balance.It may be a number, a variable, or a combination of numbers and variables and operation symbols. 
With equal signWithout equal sign
3x = 2x + x3x, 2x, x
Examples of One-Variable EquationNon-examples of One-Variable Equations
2x = 4 -m = 2½ r -13 = 55(w – 7) = 262x – 3r11c – 525m – 4n + 7100

Here are the commonly used properties of equality when solving one-variable equations. If a, b, and c are real numbers, then…

Reflexive PropertySymmetric PropertyTransitive Property
a = a If a = b , then b=aIf a = b and b = c, then a = c
Distributive PropertyAddition Property of Equality (APE) Multiplication Property of Equality (MPE)
a(b+c) = ab + acIf a = b, then a + c = b + cIf a = b, then a x c = b x c

Please take note of following steps in solving one-variable equations. 

  1. Simplify both sides of the equation. 
  2. Use the addition property of equality to put the terms with variable on one side of the equation and the constant terms on the other.
  3. Use the multiplication property of equality to make the coefficient of the variable term equal to 1.
  4. Check your answer by substituting your solution into the original equation.

One-Variable Equations (Employment Themed) Worksheets

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Ages 10-11 (Basic)

  • The Curriculum Vitae Problem
  • Job Interview Day
  • On-the-Job Training
  • Day 1 of Work
  • My Day: Works and Math

Ages 11-12 (Advanced)

  • My First Salary
  • My Productivity Rate
  • Did My Co-Worker Do it Right?
  • Yes! It’s a Double-Pay Day
  • It’s Weekend Rest Day!