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Multiplication Games

Multiplication does not have to be all worksheets, table, charts, tests and problems. Games are often an excellent way for your child to learn math.

The games listed below all involve multiplication. In keeping with our “no bouncing frog” format, they are all clean and simple to try although they are still fun.

The games include simple drag and drop, “build the answer”, and “target the answer” type activities that can help memorize basic multiplication facts.

Free games for practicing times tables

Use the games below with your child for some fun practice to help memorize the multiplication tables.

These games require the
correct multiplication question to be dragged and dropped onto the corresponding answer.
Place the numbers in the games below to “make the answer” for each of the questions.

The two magnet games below combine multiplication and division and require the “missing number” to be placed correctly to complete the multiplication or division equation.

“Target The Answer “

The games below cover the 2 through 9 multiplication tables and there are timed and untimed versions of each one. Use the target to aim at, and knock down the correct answers.

With 2 minute time limit No time limit
2 times table (2 x 1 to 2 x 12)
3 times table (3 x 1 to 3 x 12)
4 times table (4 x 1 to 4 x 12)
5 times table (5 x 1 to 5 x 12)
6 times table (6 x 1 to 6 x 12)
7 times table (7 x 1 to 7 x 12)
8 times table (8 x 1 to 8 x 12)
9 times table (9 x 1 to 9 x 12)
2x to 5x tables (combo)
6x to 9x tables (combo)
2x to 9x tables (combo)
2x, 5x, & 10x tables only (combo)

Other Target Games

Doubles and Halves (numbers to 20)

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