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Math Activities: Hundreds Number Chart

This activity involves using a Hundreds Number Chart – a chart with any set of hundreds. e.g. 1 – 100, 101 – 200, 501 – 600, etc. Click here to use this customizable Hundreds Number Chart. You can enter any hundred set you like although you’re probably best to start with 1 – 100.

StepYour ChildYou
Colour all the numbers that end with a zero. “Nice colouring”
Colour all the numbers that end with a or five or two. “Do you see a pattern? Tell me about the pattern.”
“I see that all the numbers make one line down the left hand side of the paper.”“Excellent!”

Do this exercise looking for different number patterns again and again so that your child will become a master at the hundred’s chart. Remember, you can get a printable Number Chart here..

The above counting activity was created by Diane Massie, a contributor, and it is part of her Handling Mathprogram.

First hand experiences brings mastery of a skill and concept.