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This section includes printable decimal worksheets together with guidance on teaching decimals to your child.

When working on decimals with your child you should discuss how decimals and fractions both can be used to represent the same thing - part of a whole. Your child should be familiar with the concept of fractions before tackling operations with decimals.

You will also find help for tutoring your children on decimals in the Place Value section where decimals including tenths, hundredths, and thousandths are discussed.

Note: Decimals are typically introduced in 4th Grade with tenths and hundredths.

What else is in the decimals section?

The worksheets and charts page includes a decimals equivalent chart. decimal/ fractions equivalents chart.There is also a handy decimals worksheet generator that provides limitless addition, subtraction, and multiplication questions
Illustrated guidance on how to add decimals is shown alongside help with subtracting decimals.
There is a sub-section on multiplying with decimals.
…and a sub-section on dividing decimals.
There is a review of decimal place value and several examples on comparing and ordering decimals.
Guidance and examples showing how to round decimals can be found here including rounding to the nearest whole number, nearest tenth, and nearest hundredth.

All the pages noted above also include a listing of related decimal worksheets that can be used to help practice working with decimals. Select from the links above or use the menu options to choose the information and resources you wish.