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This fractions section begins with the free fractions worksheets listing followed by a brief summary and some tips that you can use to help your child with fractions.

Fraction Lessons

We have added six animated, whiteboard-style lessons with audio commentary.

You’ll find these 6 fraction lessons here in the Resources section.

What else is in the fractions section?

The very important concept of equivalent fractions is discussed.

The use of number lines to show fractions is explained along with the importance for students to be able to think of fractions as numbers.

There is guidance on how to compare fractions including with, and without common denominators. Note: This fraction bar is handy when fractions are being compared.

How to add fractions is illustrated here. The sub-section also includes guidance on adding mixed numbers.

Help with subtracting fractions can be found here.

This page shows how to multiply fractions. Instruction on how to divide fractions can be found here.

There is an online fraction calculator that is very useful; especially for checking answers that have been found the hard way!

Fun with fractions can be found through these fraction games.

Note: Each of these pages list the applicable worksheets that can be used for practice. Select from the links above or from the menu options at the top of the page to get started.

Try the online fraction calculator in the resources section or the fraction games that are included in this section of HelpingWithMath.com