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Subtraction of Radicals (Quiz Bee Themed) Worksheets

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A radical is a symbol that represents a particular root of a number.


  • The square root (√) of a number is another number which produces the first number when it is multiplied by itself. Its index is always 2.
  • Cube root (∛) of number is a value which when multiplied by itself thrice or three times produces the original value.

How to Subtract Radicals?

To subtract radicals, you should remember the following:

  • The indices and what is inside the radical (called the radicand) must be exactly alike. 
  • If the indices and radicands are alike, then subtract the terms in front of each like radical
  • If the indices or radicands are not the same, then you can not subtract the radicals.


  1. 18√2 – 9√2  

Since the indices and radicands of the given radicals are the same, it is possible to solve the difference. 

18√2 – 9√2 = (18 – 9)√2 = 9√2

Subtraction of Radicals (Quiz Bee Themed) Worksheets

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