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Multiplication of Radical Expressions (Education Themed) Worksheets

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In multiplying radical expressions with two terms, 

  • Simply  multiply the coefficients and multiply the radicands. 
  • If needed, simplify the product. 
  • Use the distributive property when multiplying radical expressions with multiple terms. 
  • Then simplify and combine all similar radicals.


What is the product of this radical expression?

√10c (√6c2 – √8d3) = ?

Step 1: Distribute/multiply √10c to (√6c2 – √8d3). 
√10c  (√6c2 – √8d3) = √60c3 – √80cd3
Step 2: Simplify √60c3 – √80cd3
√60c3 – √80cd3 = √(4c2)(15c) – √(16d2)(5cd)
= 2c√15c – 4d√5cd

Multiplication of Radical Expressions (Education Themed) Worksheets

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