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Factors and Multiples (Ages 8-10) Worksheets (Space themed)

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  • Factors are numbers we can multiply together to get another number.
  • Common factors are those that are found in both list of two whole numbers.
  • Greatest Common Factor is the largest factor that two or more numbers have in common.
  • Multiple is the product result of one number multiplied by another number.
  • Least Common Multiple is the smallest number that is a multiple of both numbers.


A number can have many factors:
The factors of 12 are 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 12 …
… because 2 × 6 = 12, or 4 × 3 = 12, or 1 × 12 = 12.


  • It is often abbreviated to the GCF.
  • If there are no other common factors, then the gcf is 1 (as 1 is a factor of all positive integers.)
  • GCF is the same as the Highest Common Factor, and the Greatest Common Divisor.


  • It is often abbreviated to the LCM.
  • You can always find a common multiple of two numbers by multiplying them together, but this may not always be the least common multiple (as there may be a smaller common multiple).

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