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Comparing Like Fractions 3rd Grade Math Worksheets

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When comparing fractions, the goal is to see if a part of a whole is whether greater than, lesser than, or equal to another part of a whole. 


  • Like fractions are also called similar fractions for the reason of having the same or equal denominators.
  • Comparing like fractions are easier than doing so in dissimilar fractions.
  • Comparing similar fractions is as easy as comparing whole numbers.


Comparing similar fractions is said to be as easy as comparing whole numbers. It is because a set of fraction having the same denominator represents same value for each piece or part. 

Of the three cheese cuts above, it is easier to compare Cheese A and Cheese C, rather than Cheese A and B, or Cheese B and C. Why? It is because both cheese A and C were cut into EIGHT equal parts, while cheese B was cut into SIX equal parts.

In comparing cheese A and C, since each portion is of equal size, we just have to count its shaded part. Then, the one with more shaded parts is of greater value than the one with less.

Comparing Like Fractions Worksheets

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