Free Fractions worksheets and activities

You will find examples and other resources below that can be used to help your children develop their understanding of fractions. These include printable worksheets, charts, cards as well as illustrated worked examples, games, and animated lessons.

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Includes charts, fraction bars, and games.

Guidance on how to introduce fractions to your children.

Understand fractions using their position on a number line.

Illustrated examples to help understanding of equivalency.

Compare fractions with the same and with different denominators.

Examples showing how to add and subtract with fractions.

See examples that show how to multiply fractions.

Divide fractions using either of two methods.

View examples showing how to simplify (reduce) fractions.

Covers tenths, hundredths, and thousandths.

Add, subtract, multiply, and divide - great for checking answers.

Fraction Lessons

example of fraction lesson

We have added six animated, whiteboard-style lessons with audio commentary.

You'll find these 6 fraction lessons here in the Resources section.