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Division tables and flash cards

Discuss with your child that there is not really a big need for division tables since division is like “multiplication in reverse” and a multiplication table can also be used as a division table. (in the same way as an addition table can be used as a subtraction table) Discussing and exploring this relationship between multiplication and division will help reinforce this important concept.


The division tables above are formatted for easy printing. Click the links and then use the Print option or use your browser’s print function.

Printable Division Flash Cards

Use the flash cards below to help your child memorize and practice division facts.

You can use the dividing flash cards along with these multiplication flash cards to show the important relationship between multiplication and division facts.

The two sets of flash cards below combine divisors from 1 to 5 and divisors from 1 to 9.

Using the flash cards

1. The two sets of flashcards above contain multiple pages. Select the Print Flash Cards option and print all (or the number you wish) pages.

2. Cut pages into halves as shown on the cards. (you can do more than one page at a time)

3. Fold each card along the fold line.

4. Arrange and stack the division flash cards then work through the stack with your child.

Note: You’ll find many more printable flash cards here covering addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Online Division Flashcards

The division flash cards below include division questions that are continuously and randomly generated so they will allow for lots of practice with division facts.