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Geometric Progression (Growth Mindset Themed) Math Worksheets

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Geometric Progression (Growth Mindset Themed) Math Worksheets

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Who are these worksheets for?

This pack is suitable for learners aged 10-11 years old or 6th graders. The content covers fact files and relevant basic and advanced activities of geometric progression that aim to develop and strengthen the learners’ ability to construct logical arguments.

What is Growth Mindset?

A growth mindset fosters the belief that intelligence and skills can be developed through dedication and practice. Similarly, constructing logical arguments requires a willingness to learn from mistakes and seek improvement. Geometric progression mirrors this philosophy as each term builds upon the previous one, emphasizing the value of incremental growth. In all three cases, embracing challenges and seeing setbacks as learning opportunities are key to unlocking one’s full potential.

What is geometric progression?

It is a mathematical sequence of numbers in which each term after the first one is found by multiplying the previous term by a constant non-zero number called the common ratio.

Download Geometric Progression (Growth Mindset Themed) Math Worksheets

This is a fantastic bundle which includes everything you need to know about Geometric Progression across 22 in-depth pages. These are ready-to-use Common core aligned Grade 6th Math worksheets.

Each ready to use worksheet collection includes 10 activities and an answer guide. Not teaching common core standards? Don’t worry! All our worksheets are completely editable so can be tailored for your curriculum and target audience.

Resource Examples

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Worksheets Activities Included

Age 10-11 (Basic) 6th Grade

  • Adaptability Achievers
  • Success Seeker
  • Hardwork Heights
  • Challenge Champion
  • Feedback Fan

Age 10-11 (Advanced) 6th Grade

  • Failure Fuel
  • Brain Builder
  • Team Triumph
  • Learning Luminary
  • Resilience Rock