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Decomposing fractions is a process involving the division of fractions into smaller parts. Adding the smaller parts results to the initial fraction again.


Decomposition of fractions may come in different ways:

  • Breaking into unit fractions.
  • Using the sum of the smaller parts which not all are unit fractions.
  • Splitting up mixed fractions.

Unit fractions are fractions whose numerator is equal to 1. It represents taking one part of the slices or cuts.

  • In splitting up a fraction by breaking it into unit fractions, you just have to take one part of the given portion. 
  • The value of the numerator of the initial fraction is equal to the number of unit fractions can be made from a given fraction.

Next method is by adding the smaller fraction which are not all unit fractions.

  • The so-called “smaller fractions” may either be equal or not. 
  • Adding up the smaller fractions should result to the initial fraction for you to check if you got ALL the smaller portions.

Splitting mixed fractions is simply separating the whole parts and the portions.

  • mixed fraction is a whole number and a proper fraction put together showing a number between two consecutive whole numbers.

Decomposing Fractions Worksheets

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