5th Grade End Of Year Test Booklet

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Grade 5 End of Year test Student Booklet & Answer Guide

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The end-of-year math test is right around the corner, and Helping With Math is always beside you with our worksheets and our new EoY test! Using our test items and rationalization, our learners can demonstrate their mastery of operations with whole numbers, fractions, and decimals. We can assess their ability to solve challenging word problems, understand the coordinate plane, and have mathematical prowess in converting volume and measurements. Moreover, our Common Core Standards-aligned test items explore analyzing data, interpreting graphs, and solving numerical expressions. The only thing you have to do is click download and review!

This offering is worth the gold for our young learners! As a teacher/homeschooling parent here is a snapshot of what is included in our booklet.

  • 50 Question booklet
  • Multiple topics and domains explored
  • Separate marking scheme
  • Fully Common Core aligned
  • Editable Google slides version.
  • Available to use right away

End Of Year Test Booklet Examples

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End of year test specification

The end of the year booklet contains 75% multiple choice questions and 25% of items requiring a gridded response or short answers.

Students can utilise additional paper when completing the task. Below are the topics covered in the booklet and the weight distribution for these topics.

DomainWeight Distribution
Operations and Algebraic Thinking18%
Number and Operations in Base Ten20%
Numbers and Operations – Fractions26%
Measurement and Data22%
Item Types
Multiple Choice75%
Gridded Response25%