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Adding and Subtracting Unlike Fractions Worksheets

Fraction Calculator

Fraction #1:
+ ( Add ) – ( Subtract )
× ( Multiply ) ÷ ( Divide )
Fraction #2:

How to use the calculator

  • Enter Fraction #1 into the first box. Use the “/” between the numerator and denominator. e.g. for one third enter "1/3."
  • Enter Fraction #2 into the second box.
  • If you are using mixed numbers be sure to leave a single space between the whole number and fraction part.e.g. for two and three-fifths, enter "2 3/5"
  • To perform the calculation, select the add, subtract, multiply or divide operation and then click Calculate Fraction.

Note: While every effort has been made to ensure this calculator is 100% accurate, it is not guaranteed as such. Use a conventional calculator for calculations that are important to you.

You will find lots of examples and guidance on fractions here and can also use this fraction calculator for more advanced uses.

It is important that your child learns how to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication and division operations from first principles. That said, the fraction calculator on this site is ideal for checking work before it is submitted. As with all math, it will also help if your child uses the online calculator to experiment and "play" with numbers and operations. For example, what is one half of one eighth?