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Listed and summarized below are the lessons, activities, worksheets, and tips that will help you to help your children learn about time, how we measure it, how we show it, and how we say and write it.

What is in the telling time section?

The Exploring Time activities can be introduced to kindergarten children. These activities include nursery rhymes and games as well as everyday-type activities

The analog clockface is introduced and the concept of time in hours and in half hours is covered. There are worksheets that challenge students to start telling and writing time to the nearest hour and to the nearest half hour.
More activities and worksheets that are typically suited to 2nd grade students including how to tell time at five minute intervals.
Time is further explored with worksheets and activities that will help students to tell and write time down to the nearest minute.
There are teaching tips on how to work best with your children to help them understand and master the concept of time measurement.

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