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Place Value

An explanation of Place Value for numbers to 99 is followed by ones for numbers between 100 and 999 and then for 1,000 through 9,999. There is also help with understanding place values as used with decimals. These include pages that cover tenthshundredths, and thousandths.

A solid understanding of place value will, among other things, allow your children to progress with addition and subtraction and with multiplication and division operations. Working with and handling base ten blocks (ask at school for recommendations) will provide a good foundation for this understanding.

This listing of Place Value Charts can be used to practice working with these concepts. Note, deselecting the Show Numbers option on the charts allows them to be used as Place Value Worksheets.

When discussing place value with your children, emphasize exchanging 10 ones for 1 ten (and 10 tens for 1 hundred) as you work from right to left. Similarly, when moving to the right, talk about exchanging 1 ten for 10 ones, and so on.
Have shot of this place value worksheet generator. Questions require standard form numbers to be written in expanded form. e.g. 4,117 = 4,000 + 100 + 10 + 7. Number ranges can be limited to 99, to 999, to 9,999, and/ or to 999,999.

You will also find another worksheet generator here that requires students to identify the number of hundreds, tens, and ones that are represented with place value blocks.

Try this number grid puzzle. It is a multi-page worksheet and includes 10 variations..

The worksheets below will help when working with decimals. They include questions and exercises covering rounding decimals and comparing and ordering with tenths, hundredths, and thousandths.