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Proving Triangle Congruence (Empathy Themed) Math Worksheets

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Proving Triangle Congruence (Empathy Themed) Math Worksheets

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Who are these worksheets for?

This pack is suitable for learners aged 12 to 13 years old or 8th graders. The content covers fact files and relevant basic and advanced activities of proving triangle congruence that aim to develop and strengthen the learners’ ability to construct logical arguments.

Understanding Empathy!

Empathy is about understanding and respecting the feelings and perspectives of others. In constructing logical arguments, empathy can help us consider other people’s needs and concerns and make our arguments more relevant and compelling to them. By using empathy, we can create a more positive and collaborative dialogue that fosters mutual understanding and respect. 

What is Constructing Logical Arguments?

Constructing logical arguments in math involves using reasoning and evidence to support a claim or proposition and to convince others of its validity.

Download Proving Triangle Congruence (Empathy Themed) Math Worksheets

This is a fantastic bundle which includes everything you need to know Proving Triangle Congruence across 25 in-depth pages. These are ready-to-use Common core aligned to 8th Grade Math worksheets.

Each ready to use worksheet collection includes 10 activities and an answer guide. Not teaching common core standards? Don’t worry! All our worksheets are completely editable so can be tailored for your curriculum and target audience.

Resource Examples

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Worksheets Activities Included

Age 12-13 (Basic) 8th Grade

  • Random Acts of Kindness
  • Helping Others
  • Group Discussions
  • Reflective Writing
  • Active Listening

Age 12-13 (Advanced) 8th Grade

  • Empathy Through Experience
  • Expressing Gratitude
  • Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Perspective Thinking
  • Sharing Stories