Understanding Dependent and Independent Variables 6th Grade Math Worksheets

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An equation is a mathematical way of representing the relationship between concepts or items. These concepts or items are represented by what are called variables. Variables can be dependent or independent. 



  • A variable is a quantity that may vary.
  • It is widely used within the context of a mathematical problem or scientific experiment. 
  • Normally, we use a single letter to represent a variable. 
  • The letters x, y, and z are common generic symbols used for variables.


  • These are not affected by another variable. 
  • Independent variables represent the “input” values of a function These are commonly denoted as x
  • They are sometimes called the “argument” of the function.


  • These are influenced by another variable. 
  • Dependent variables represent the “output” value of a function, and are commonly denoted as y
  • They are sometimes called the “value” of the function.


Mrs. Potter is a renowned botanist. She found out that an additional gram of fertilizer results to a 1.25 cm growth of her plant experiment. Look at the plant’s record. 

Amount of fertilizer in gram1234
Plants growth in cm1.252.503.755.00

Independent variable: amount of fertilizer
Dependent variable: plant’s growth

Understanding Dependent and Independent Variables Worksheets

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