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Solving Two-Step Problems 3rd Grade Math Worksheets

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Solving any math problem is not only accountable with one step or process, it may have a different procedure to arrive with the same answer. Two-step process is one way of solving a math problem in two equation, which can be in the means of addition, subtraction, multiplication and / or division.


A two-step math word problem requires you to solve two equations before you arrive to an answer. The problem might have two different operations (like multiplication and addition), or it might have two of the same operation.


  • Read the problems wholly and carefully
  • Do a sketch to illustrate, if possible
  • Assign or translate the words into numbers
  • Read it carefully until you decide what you need to do, including which step to complete first.
  • Re-read the problem if necessary.
  • Work through the first step of the given scenario.
  • Look at the important information in the problem, and turn that equation into an equation by translating words into operation.
  • *Feel free to draw images to better picture-out the problem.


I had 12 chips. I gave my friend 2 of them. Then I bought another 4. How many chips do I have in all?

Solving Two-Step Problems

First step: Subtract the total number of chips to the first given scenario. (12 – 2 = 10)

Second step: Add the answer obtained from the first step to the second scenario. (10 + 4 = 14) : So, the girl has 14 chips in total.

Solving Two-Step Problems Worksheets

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